Paper John reinvents the grocery bag (Made in Germany)

Designed (or re-designed) by the Hamburg-based Ogata 's creative team, the traditional paper grocery bag has found a new purpose. "In our everyday life we are used to move from place to place with our bicycles," declared Ogata founders Dennis Rasch and Cornelius Voss. "When we went shopping for groceries we often wondered, how are we going to transport these back home in a secure and comfortable way? It quickly came to our minds that the most ​comfortable way to carry weight is on one's back, irrespective of whether you are going by foot or by bike." And the Paper John backpack was born. (…)

Alexa Lixfeld’s POP! Summer

Hamburg-based designer Alexa Lixfeld is introducing a new, ephemeral range of glass mouth-blown gorgeous glass items. Go and check behind-the-scene images from the making of the limited edition collection and buy some of these unique pieces on Alexa's online shop.

Elisa Honkanen: «What the water gave me»

Elisa Honkanen just presented her new chair  during the DMY International Design Festival 2014, in the hangars of the old Tempelhof airport. "This winter was exceptionally wet in the UK," the designer explained. "News were full of images of landscapes after flooding, reminding us once again of our fragility against nature. This made me want to create an object that would humbly present how we somehow always find the strength to continue and look into the future, no matter from how poor conditions we start rebuilding our lives."

JOH3 building: architecture organique à Berlin

In Berlin, there is a suprise on every street corner. Recently, J. Mayer H. architects completed their "JOH3 building" residential building in Mitte, Berlin’s downtown district. A Berlin, une surprise se dévoile à chaque coin de rue. Le cabinet d'architecture J. Mayer H. vient d'achever un immeuble d'habitation, le "JOH3 building", dans le quartier de Mitte, au centre de Berlin.

My Bauhaus is better than yours

With such a moniker, one can guess the "MY BAUHAUS IS BETTER THAN YOURS" design collective was set up in Weimar, home of the famous Bauhaus University. Avec un tel nom, on se doutera que le collectif de design "MY BAUHAUS IS BETTER THAN YOURS" a vu le jour à Weimar, ville connue pour abriter la fameuse université du Bauhaus.