Degeneration of Modernism? Tessa Koot, the Sorry Collection

Mart Stam, El Lissitzky and Gerrit Rietveld en route for Milan… If the Bauhaus and De Stijl members could come back to life today, would their work be considered relevent? The "Sorry Collection" by Tessa Koot, an installation of handcrafted furniture commisioned by Dutch entrepeneur Bob Hutten, gives us a few hints. The Dutch designer, whose freedom in process and concepts is pivotal to her designs, was "never really restricted by conventions of functionality and comfort. Koot looked to the modernist movements of the first half of the 20th century for inspiration and significance.
 Using new materials and techniques, unconcerned with the necessary know-how, resulted in a new form of risk taking as of yet not proven succesful in terms of sustaining the ravages of time… but hey!" Tessa Koot collaborated with photographer Lisa Klappe to stage her Sorry Collection, in a setting "loosely refering to the infamous execution of the 1937 Degenerate Art Exhibition", organized by the Nazis in order to rally public opinion against modernist artists. The Sorry Collection is on show at the Studio Paul Heijnen Exhibition 'KORTE METTEN' during the Milan Salone.

Design Shaker : nesting tables & step stools, Paul Loebach

Les tables gigognes de Paul Loebach, imaginées par le designer américain en 2009, sont désormais disponibles chez Areaware. Inspirées du mobilier pratique, fonctionnel, à l'ornementation minimaliste propre au style Shaker de la Nouvelle-Angleterre du 18e siècle, le trio de tables se mue d'un geste en escabeau. (…) Paul Loebach's nesting tables, that the American designer has imagined in 2009, are now available at Areaware. Inspired by "the simple versatility of American Shaker furniture", the nest of tables doubles up as step stools when simply pulled out.  (…)