Soldeville: Memories of Bugis Street & Boogie Nights

Upon arrival in Singapore, we spent a couple of months in the Bugis neighbourhood. I soon grew fascinated by its colourful story. From the 1950's to 1980's, Bugis Street was known in the whole world for its nightly parade of the flamboyantly-attired transgendered community - a one-of-a-kind attraction in Asia. French photographer Alain Soldeville stopped there in 1980, a young man then touring Asia and Australia. He recounts memories of the moving encounters he made, unveiling a side of Singapore history that many might be unfamiliar with. Recently, Soldeville came accross the long-forgotten, numerous pictures he had taken. The following illustrations are just a few among many jewels. Go and enjoy a trip down memory lane at the OBJECTIFS Gallery before March 13th. "Looking back", the photographer reflects, "I believe I meant those photos to be portraits of these people I had come to consider friends, wishing to show their fragility, their humanity rather than documenting a situation, news style." (…)