Nina Toltstrup: It’s a wardrobe, it’s a divider

London-based Nina Tolstrup's design company Studiomama has created a pastel-hued wardrobe. The "Metamorphic" piece of furniture is made of solid maple wood, cedar wood -a natural repellent for insects- and canvas, equipped with unfolding doors, doubling up as a partition for large rooms. Inspiration came when the designer was looking for ways to reorganize their living/working space. "Instead of building walls and dividing the space up permanently, we found that this solution with a flexible and non-permanent screen to divide the space into two when needed gave us the opportunity to use our space in an optimal way," explained studio co-founder Jack Mama.

Studio Mama: Re-Imagined, Nina Tolstrup

La designer Nina Tolstrup (à la tête de Studiomama, fondé avec son époux Jack Mama) dévoile à l'occasion du London Design Festival sa nouvelle collection de mobilier. "Re-Imagined" est un projet qui met en question la notion de ressources et nos attitudes vis à vis des rebuts, en "ré-utilisant l'existant". Designer Nina Tolstrup (who set up Studiomama with Jack Mama) unveils her new furniture collection during London Design Festival. "Re-Imagined" is a project that questions resourcefulness and waste, "re-using the existing".