Knol Ontwerp: Skinning Architecture

A few years ago, they were experimenting with "technofood". The Knol Ontwerp studio members now have architecture under their skin, manufacturing memories of buildings with the help of latex, molded directly onto the architectural elements they choose to replicate. Shape, dirt, rust and various traces from the original place help re-create and building a new space: "Like skin transplantations, they can be taken to other spaces where they get new spatial meaning. They take us to a world in which places are no longer fixed to specific locations, but become nomadic". (...)

Design culinaire : les filles de Knol font de la Techno food

Carottes dansantes, perfusions de jus de tomate et grains de raisins lumineux : le design culinaire de Knol, dans une version technologique et farfelue, était au menu de la Dutch Design Week.