Melissanthe Panagiotopoulou behind the scenes: “Les légumes” cutlery

London-based, Athens-born Melissanthe Panagiotopoulou likes to experiment with different materials and techniques. "Les légumes" is a series of cutlery pieces, the result of recent metal work for her BA Course in 3D Design at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts, London. "Being a vegetarian, I see a natural link between food and vegetables and I believe that food consumption should be a celebration of life. Cutlery is the means through which food is being transfered into our system. Designing funny and stylish vegetable -shaped cutlery became the means of transferring my ideas on healthy eating. Stainless steel metal was used for the making of the fork, knife and spoon shapes. Broccoli and asparagus vegetables were casted on bronze metal using the traditional lost wax casting and investment casting techniques."

Azambourg, Crasset, Rybakken en coulisses : Meet my project, la suite

Créations inédites et innovantes signées François Azambourg (ci-dessus), Matali Crasset, Daniel Rybakken ou encore BETC design sont à l'affiche de ce nouveau volet du projet "Meet my project (smart design for indutry)". Maquettes, vidéos, animations 3D (en interaction avec le public) et prototypes des 20 designers sélectionnés seront exposés au Lieu du design du 21 au 25 janvier, avec le "making of" en fil directeur. Avec, en guise de cerise sur le gâteau, une performance de design culinaire de Delphine Huguet. Réalisé en partenariat avec Honda et Arte télévision, l'événement "Meet my project" est ouvert au public comme aux professionnels. Designers François Azambourg (picture above), Matali Crasset, Daniel Rybakken or BETC design will present for the first time their innovative creations during the new edition of the much appreciated "Meet my project (smart design for indutry)" event. The "making of" process will be illustrated with scale models, videos, prototypes or interactive 3D devices from the 20 designers. The exhibition will be held at Le Lieu du Design, from January 21st to 25th. Icing on the cake, do not miss the food design performance by Delphine Huguet. Held in partnership with Honda and Arte télévision, "Meet my project" is both open to professionnals and the general public.