Andy Warhol x Perrier: Happy Birthday!

The iconic beverage from South of France celebrates its 150th birthday: Perrier has teamed up with The Andy Warhol foundation to commemorate, relaunching Warhol's bold portraits of Perrier from 1983. "During the 1980s, Andy Warhol created a series of silkscreen prints depicting the bottles of sparkling water brand Perrier expressed in a bold color palette. The works were an extension of the pop artist's continued exploration into portraying consumer products in new, graphic ways, in which he developed more than 40 works using the signature Perrier bottle as his subject", recalls Michael Hermann, Perrier's director of licensing.

Andy Warhol x Quinze & Milan

A l'instar des boîtes de soupe Campbell, Andy Warhol s'est emparé en 1964 de ce produit familier des foyers américains. La marque Brillo (qui commercialisa ses petites éponges de laine d'acier imbibées de savon dès 1913), brandie égérie du Pop Art, se voit aujourd'hui détournée une fois encore : en collaboration avec The Andy Warhol Foundation, Quinze & Milan vient de dévoiler le "Brillo Box Pouf". Campbell soup cans in 1962, then kitchen scouring pads: Andy Warhol turned Brillo boxes into works of art as soon as 1964. Today, this Pop Art icon finds itself under the spotlight again: the Andy Warhol Foundation collaborated with Quinze & Milan to develop & introduce the "Brillo Box Pouf".