Cars made of tomatoes, courtesy Heinz & Ford

Could the car industry benefit from the Heinz ketchup production? Heinz uses two million tons of tomatoes, which stems, seeds, and peelings the company R&D team are constantly looking to repurpose and recycle in an innovative way. Ford Motor Company and H.J. Heinz Company have teamed up to explore the use of tomato fibers in developing a sustainable bioplastic material that could be used in vehicle manufacturing. Yes indeed, the researchers are thinking of using dried tomato skins to make wiring brackets or storage bins!

Rising Moon: an upcycling lesson from Hong Kong

The "Rising Moon" dome is a temporary pavilion set in Hong Kong. This steel dome-shaped is framed with plastic water bottles, lit up with internal LED fixings. Amazingly, this structure is entirely covered in plastic water bottles, the kind of containers used in offices all over the world. Almost 7000 PET water coolers were used for the Rising Moon dome, which hardly represent 15 minutes’ worth of bottled water consumption in Hong Kong! (via Materia, photos John Pilas).