So French! Beret and other clichés as design icons

Do you need to be French to appreciate this post? Certainly not, the (witty and hilarious) works by 5.5 designers studio being brilliant enough to be enjoyed without captions. But, surely, if you're not familiar with French culture and its most enduring clichés, a few jokes will be lost on you. Skilled artisans, traditional popular items and everyday objects: 5.5 reinterpreted for Renault, the car manufacturer established in 1899, some of "the mythical objects engraved in France’s collective memory". Don't miss the legendary béret and sailor shirt; the timeless game of pétanque; the Charentaise slipper; the Gallic moustache, or national emblems like the rooster and the tricolour flag - among many other things exhibited in Paris at the Atelier Renault on the Champs Elysées until June 15th. Some of them (Cork Car, Carentaise slippers, Mustache Effect, It Beret and Show Glass) are available from the Atelier shop. No rooster, though. I'm French and I'm proud (and feeling slightly homesick)! A word from the designers: "All of these icons, which define France’s identity and symbolise French culture around the world, are being showcased at l’Atelier Renault in an exhibition called SO FRENCH. This encounter between traditional know-how and design has given rise to a collection of fun, elegant, clever and timeless objects. Each in its own way, these creations bear witness to the genius of French craftsmanship while paying tribute to French creativity and to the Renault brand, which is an integral part of the nation’s heritage." (copyright images 5.5 Designers/Colombe Clier, Renault)

Concept car intello : Nils Holger Moormann, Twingo “Wagon Lire”

Renault a eu l'idée de promouvoir son nouveau modèle de Twingo en proposant à quelques personnalités de transformer l'intérieur de la petite voiture de ville en un véritable "cabinet de curiosités". Le concept de salon de lecture imaginé par le designer allemand Nils Holger Moormann, le "Wagon Lire", est équipé d'une petite bibliothèque, d'un confortable canapé et... d'une cheminée. Renault has decided to promote their new Twingo by asking a few personalities to turn the interior of the city car into a "Cabinet of curiosities". A keen reader, German designer Nils Holger Moormann has imagined a reading room concept for his car. The "Wagon Lire" is a cosy place, fully equipped with a small library, a large comfy sofa and... a fireplace.