Inga Sempé for Hay

French designer Inga Sempé's Pinorama board is now available at Hay (Denmark). Pinorama was designed as a board "for all the little things you want to keep handy or aren’t sure where to put, a flexible wall module that helps you organize your everyday life, providing a functional, charming and versatile storage solution", the designer says. The perforated metal has a cork back to pin up papers and pictures. The system also features optional shelves, cylinders or mirrors that can be attached to the metal grid.

Bouroullec & Vitra: Corniches

Tiny shelves, big statement: designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec's "Corniches" shelves for Vitra give some stylish visual rythm to walls. Toutes petites étagères, gros effet. Les designers Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec ont imaginé les étagères "Corniches" pour Vitra.