Pierre & the Almond tree: Tomás Alonso

Designer Tomas Alonso pays a one-of-a-kind, functional homage to the late Pierre Leron Lesur's art (a museum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence highlights the works of the French artist, who passed away earlier this year). Alonso gives a new twist to the art of  "Sylvistructure",  a "unique practice at the crossing point between art and craftsmanship. Sylvistructure aims to reveal the natural beauty of old pieces of wood found on country paths. The technique involves delicately stripping the wood from decomposing matter, in order to reveal its core. Throughout his career, Pierre Leron Lesur has developed a specific interest in the almond tree: a singular tree with twisted shapes that is becoming increasingly rare in Provence". Designer Tomás Alonso, whose works are showcased at the Victor Hunt gallery in Brussels, focuses on function within the piece of wood, while respecting its original shape and unique beauty.