The delicate art of Asya Kozina’s paper wigs

Ukrainian graphic designer and artist Asya Kozina created these uncanny and mesmerizing paper wigs. For her own pleasure or for brands, Asya picks up traditional patterns and motifs, costumes and fashion aesthetics from various historical time periods to turn them into contemporary paper designs: "Historical wigs always fascinated me, especially the Baroque era. This is art for art's sake aesthetics for aesthetics, no practical sense. But they are beautiful. I made a series of wigs. Paper helps to highlight in this case the main form and not be obsessed by unnecessary details." (…)

Vasily Butenko, Gone With The Wind

Scarlet O'Hara goes Ukraine… Kiev-based designer and interior architect Vasily Butenko gave his "Gone with the wind" chairs a slightly "startled" look. Le designer et architecte d'intérieur ukrainien (Kiev) Vasily Butenko a doté ses chaises "Gone With The Wind" ("Autant en emporte le vent") un petit air éberlué.

Denis Belenko allège nos intérieurs et son quotidien

De quoi rêve un designer à Odessa, sur la Mer Noire ? De lampes évanescentes et passe-murailles, de mobilier escamotable qui se fait élégamment oublier…