Kara Mann for Baker / Milling Road launch, Paris

American furnishings company Baker have decided to hand the reins of their casual, more accessible Milling Road brand to designer Kara Mann for a complete relaunch. The Chicago and NY-based designer has devised 54 pieces of furniture for the line, available for purchase this month. With crisp and bold lines, mixing metallic accents and earthy stone, the collection palette is dominated by black, white, and dusty purples and grays—colors that "have a bit of dirt thrown in," explains the designer. After its December debut in High Point (North Carolina), the Kara Mann collection for Baker / Milling Road has just been launched in Paris at the Baker showroom (66 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris).

The Pour, Design Haus Liberty

In New York, the Design Haus Liberty team was presented with a challenge to create light installations on the third floor of a refurbished 1820's cast-iron, developer project. Asked us to create two art/architecture installations which would take advantage of the high ceiling space and the industrial nature of the original features within the building, the process has been to design scripted forms in Grasshopper and then collaborate with glass blowers and metal fabricators in Suffolk, UK to reproduce these forms.

Okum has the (electric) power

No more unsightly mess! Los-Angeles Based designer David Okum gave the power cord a major makeover. Made of hard maple wood, the polished balls and cubes hide three power outlets. The Oon Cord comes in three different color combinations. David Okum studied philosophy at UCLA before studying at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (California). The founder of OKUM studio, David works for such brands as Bernhardt Design. He also designed and built The Mohawk General Store in Pasadena.

Mangez Pantone

Juste conçus pour le plaisir des yeux, on se régale des "Pantone pairings" du directeur artistique et illustrateur américain David Schwen. American illustrator & artistic director David Schwen craftily plays with food for his "Pantone pairings" series: pure eye candy.

Ladies & Gentlemen have an Aura

Le studio de design Ladies & Gentlemen (fondé par Jean Lee & Dylan Davis en 2010) a façonné les luminaires Aura selon des "valeurs d'hier, réinterprétées pour l'époque actuelle". Réduits à l'essentiel, les suspensions Aura se composent d'une ampoule fixée à une base tubulaire et encerclée d'un anneau de laiton ou de cuivre. The Ladies & Gentlemen design studio (founded by Jean Lee & Dylan Davis in 2010) imagined the Aura lights to reflect "yesterday's values, reinterpreted for current times". Pared down to what really matters, the Aura lights consist of a bulb circled by a brass or copper ring, attached to a base.

Bureau Spectacular architecture: Hugh Hefner x Joseph Beuys

La maison Hefner/Beuys de l'architecte Jimenez Lai (fondateur de Bureau Spectacular, Chicago) est une "installation façon BD qui déroule et transpose son intrigue dans le domaine de la performance artistique". Baptisé en hommage à deux "performers" aux profils particulièrement différents l'un de l'autre (l'artiste allemand Joseph Beuys et le patron de Playboy, Hugh Hefner, dont Jimenez Lai précise qu'on ne sait, en réalité, lequel des deux s'avère le plus extraverti), le projet a débuté sous la forme d'une bande dessinée, Cartoonish Metropolis, avant de se matérialiser sous la forme d'installations et constructions de petites dimensions. The Hefner/Beuys House by Chicago-based architect Jimenez Lai (the founder of Bureau Spectacular) is a "cartoonish architectural installation that extends its story into the realm of performance art". Named after two very different high-profile performers (German artist Joseph Beuys and Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, whom Jimenez Lai says the most extrovert might not be the one that first comes to mind), the project started as Cartoonish Metropolis comic strips, turned into real-life installations and small buildings.